Over my career I have worked for international businesses, small businesses and have run my own business. I currently work full time as the Web Systems Administrator for the Klein College of Media and Communication at Temple University and continue freelance as Loafin’ Tree LLC. My prominent roles have been within creative or management in engineering, printing, marketing, web development and gaming fields.

My strengths include being a problem solver and a ‘quick study’ with exceptional analytic, communication and team leadership skills. I have 2 decades of experience in multiple fields, the three primary being Mechanical Engineering, Visual Communication and Information Technology. I achieved awards as early as age 14 (Broome County Industrial Arts) and later a Chase Manhattan Design award. Before my current vocation I was employed by WHS Robotics (Robotic Material Handling), Universal Instruments (Subsidiary of Dover – High Speed Circuit Board Component Placement), IBM (Industrial/Chemical Piping Facility Plans), Raymond Corporation (Subsidiary of Toyota – Electric Computer Controlled Narrow Aisle Material Handling), and Forbes (Art Director).

In 2003, two years after attending Temple University, I formed my own Web Development and Marketing company, Loafin’ Tree LLC whose clients include Motorola, Certainteed (Subsidiary of Saint-Gobain), Virginia Department of Health, Rockingham Memorial Hospital, International Mind, Brain and Education Society as well as many other retail, legal, accounting, sports, government and non-profit organizations.

I received several scholarships to attend Temple University and continue today with a 3.9 GPA. My aptitude in Art History (4.1 GPA) won me an invitation to join an expedition of Archeology field work in Javols, France among Doctoral students in my freshman year. I am active in the art community with many paintings and photography commissions and have done extensive volunteer work for religious organizations, economic development corporations, art galleries, the deaf community and other local entities in New York, Virginia and Pennsylvania. I have over a decade of public speaking experience. I speak some French, American Sign Language and Russian, I’ve acted as the Technical Director for a Philadelphia start-up company, CloudCaps, a founding partner of Firelight Game Company and wrote a monthly technical column for The Fallser with an associated blog.

As Web Systems Administrator for the Klein College of Media and Communication, I manage 2-6 employees, multiple servers and over 40 websites in three WordPress Multisite networks and single sites including department, school, research, faculty and student websites. I provide consulting and project contracts through Loafin’ Tree LLC. This adds up to over 100 websites I manage on 5+ hosting platforms. Since I was wearing too many hats, SEO/SEM is now handled by my very knowledgeable, capable and results driven partner

My focus of late has been WordPress, Drupal and supporting languages (PHP, MySQL, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript) and over one hundred fifty 3rd party applications. As of 2017, 27% of the internet is powered by WordPress. I would estimate over 80% of the sites I manage are WordPress driven. Most e-commerce sites are run using AbleCommerce. I manage LAMP and Windows hosts with IIS, Apache and nginx webservers.

Other times I read, travel, photograph, draw, hike, camp, play games, eat, sleep, explore and learn.